Passion for arts and the historical background of the family, arouse in Alessandra Zanaria, stylist and foundress of the company, the desire to reinterpret what surrounds her producing sophisticated objects that recreate the skilled Italian craftsmanship in a fresh and modern way.

The designer, completed her artistic studies, founds her first company in 2002 presenting female pret-á-porter clothes collections on the official calendar of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. In 2010 she specializes in accessorizes, her passion, and starts the first female collection dedicated to them.

Alessandra Zanaria´s woman loves to surprise without upsetting, she gets strong of a prestigious past to live and succeed in the present. Equipped with a healthy self-centeredness, she loves to be noticed by the sophisticated details that make her style unique and that enhance her strong femininity.

In 2011 comes the bridal line, that actually includes a dedicated atelier.

In 2014 the already wide range of products is complemented further with the birth of man´s line.

Creating accessories is for Alessandra Zanaria a continuous journey inside her many passions, a challenge that is repeated with each collection.


Alessandra Zanaria, Milanese by birth, brings with her an ancient family tradition in the field of philately: the designer's grandfather, Mario Zanaria, devoted himself to it from an early age. His adventure begins in the '30s in Paris and in Germany and continues to Milan where, in 1935, he set up his historic shop in Brera, the most frequented philatelic meeting place of the antebellum.

Mario Zanaria kept up a relationship of privilege with the Government of San Marino, so much so to be awarded the Knighthood of the Republic. At the end of the war he was a founding member of the National Philatelic Exchange, of which he was an adviser for several years.

He organized, at the Palazzo Reale in Duomo Square in Milan, the first postwar international stamp exhibition.The sons Angelo and Daniele would later open the offices and shop in Via Santa Margherita, still frequented today by the Italian cultural elite.

Daniele Zanaria, Alessandra's father, founded a publishing house and an auction house in Monte Carlo, where he received numerous international awards thanks to the private collections and the valuable historical works written, still regarded today as key texts for the history of world philately.

The last book by Daniele Zanaria, published posthumously, thanks to friends Serra and Del Negro, is still one of the basic texts for the history of world philately.


The Alessandra Zanaria brand is inspired by the "1 Cent" stamp of the Reign of Vittorio Emanuele II King of Italy.

Symbol of one of the most important treatises written by Daniele Zanaria, it was chosen by the designer as a symbol of its brand. The stamp has been in progress for over 34 years thus it holds the absolute record of longevity among all the stamps of the Kingdom and the Italian Republic.

The words, “un centesimo” disappear in the logo, while the phrase “poste italiane” is substituted by “Milano, Italia” in order to highlight the origins of the company and the nature of “Made in Italy” in the conception and production of the collections.